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How to make white truffle fondue?

Truffle fondue

The truffle fondue is a typical dish of Piedmontese and Aosta Valley cuisine, very refined and tasty.

The truffle fondue is a wonderful dish even if unfortunately not affordable for all budgets. Serve it accompanied by light and crunchy croutons and it will be perfect. If you want the scent of truffles without fainting, you can use the truffle oil, giving a raw spin over each bowl . It’s not the same, but it’s a good one.

If you want, you can completely eliminate the truffle and accompany the fondue with raw vegetables instead. Celery, carrots, radishes, fennel, all the vegetables that crackle and eat raw are fine and will make a wonderful contrast with the heat of the melted cheese.

Truffle fondue
Truffle fondue

Preparation of the white truffle fondue

  1. To prepare the dish, you will need a bowl for the water bath. Cut the cheeses into cubes, mix them in a high bowl and fill it flush with the milk. Let it rest for 3 hours out of the fridge .
  2. In another bowl, beat the egg yolks, then, in a container suitable for a bain-marie, melt the butter, add the egg yolks and finally the fontina with the milk.
  3. Keep stirring, but be careful never to boil the mixture or the eggs will clot.
  4. When the mixture is smooth and blended, season with salt and sprinkle with white pepper.
  5. Serve the fondue very hot, sprinkling it with the finely sliced ​​truffle directly into the bowls.

White truffles are very precious and you need to enhance their flavor when you are lucky enough to have them .

If you liked the recipe for white truffle fondue, discover the video of the preparation , or go and discover our other 5 recipes with truffles .


The truffle fondue is best consumed at the moment , before it cools down. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer.

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