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How to make your hair dye color last longer

How to make your hair dye last longer

Your hair color can last longer if you follow some precautions and choose the right product: here some piece of advice!

Sooner of later, everyone has to dye their hair. Someone does it because they want to change their color, others to hide white hair. Nowadays there are thousands of products, but the most common one is the permanent hair dye. Other than choosing a high quality product, you should follow some precautions to make your hair dye color last longer. Here are some recommendations!

How to keep your hair color: 5 surprising advice

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  • In order to obtain a homogeneous and long-lasting hair dye color, you should start by buying a high quality product. Therefore, it is better to avoid cheap hair dyes, because they can ruin your hair!
  • The second thing you can do is to avoid aggressive products, especially for what concerns the ones you will use after the hair dye. Choose carefully and, if you have any doubts, ask your hair stylist! If you use too aggressive shampoos or masks, the color might start to fade earlier…
  • Do not wash your hair too often, because at every washing the color fades. Instead of washing it too often, try some methods to keep your hair clean for longer! Moreover, avoid using boiling water. It is harmful for your scalp! In order to keep a shiny and long-lasting color, try and wash your hair with lukewarm water! Instead, in summer you can use cold water!
  • Avoid chlorine. This substance ruins your hair and can be one of the reasons why your hair dye color does not last that long. Of course, if you can do without a swim at the swimming pool, at least take care of your hair with specific products!
  • Use protective sprays. You know you should not use too many styling products, but always remember to apply a protective hair spray to avoid Sun damages! In this way, your hair color will last longer!

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