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Here are some advice to organize your medicine cabinet and always find what you need.

Everyone of us has a place for medicines at home. However, very often it is is chaotic. Messy boxes, expired medicines and the risk of not having the right drug when we need it. Moreover, there’s always something missing: band aids, hydrogen peroxide and OTC medicines.

It’s time to clean everything up and tidy our cabinet: here are some useful tips to always have the situation under control.

Where to keep your medicines at home

The first thing to do to have a perfect medicine cabinet is choosing its right place. Here are some useful advice:

1. Place your cabinet in a cool place, away from sunrays or other heat sources. Do not place it in the bathroom or in the kitchen, because humidity and temperature changes might spoil your medicines.

2. Safety must be your first concern. Your cabinet must be kept out of reach of children. They might want to play with the colorful packaging and incidentally swallow some medications. You can buy cabinets with a lock, and keep the key in a safe place!

Photo source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/20-mg-label-blister-pack-208512/

3. Some medicines must be stored in the fridge. If you don’t, they might spoil and won’t work anymore.

4. Once you choose the right place, prepare small labeled boxes in which you will keep your medicines according to their type. For example, one for pain killers, one for stomach and intestine drugs (antiacids, probiotics, etc.) e one for first aid. Of course you will also spare room for medicines taken regularly by someone in the family (for example, in case of chronic diseases).

What to keep in the medicine cabinet

5. Your cabinet should only contain medicines and first aid products. Do not use it to keep your makeup or beauty products or for other things not related to medicines. In this way, you will immediately find what you need in case of emergency.

6. Do not stockpile medicines and avoid doubles. Check the active ingredient of each drug, so you won’t buy similar ones. By following this simple rule, you will save room and money and you will not throw away expired medicines because you didn’t use them.

7. You should always have: antipyretics, antiacids, a generic pain killer, antidiarrhoeals, laxatives, a cortisone ointment, an anti-cold and cough product, a muscle gel and an eyewash.

8. If you have children or pets, make room for them too (of course, do not put their medicines together!). In this way, you will not confuse them and you will immediately find everything you need.

Other useful advice for your medicine cabinet

9. Never throw away the packaging and the package insert. You will need them to know the expiration date and other important drug facts, so keep them until you finish the medicine.

10. Once your cabinet is organized, you will just need periodic checks to throw away expired boxes and supply empty ones, in order to always have ready what you might need.

Photo source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/20-mg-label-blister-pack-208512/

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