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How to painless walk on high heels

How to painless walk on high heels

Here some advice to walk on high heels for a long time without feeling pain and avoiding bad impressions.

Being able of walking on high heels in an elegant and nonchalant way is not easy. You need patience and practise, but most importantly you must choose the right shoes for your feet.

If you are not experts yet, don’t choose stilettoes! Start with a shorter heel (5-7cm). Moreover, if the shoes are tight or stiff, you need to make it more comfortable. How? With grandma’s old remedies, of course! Let’s find them out!

How to walk on high heels: 3 steps

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1. Tape your third and fourth toes together to feel less pain and walking better. In this way, you are more stable and the tension is well distributed.

2. Perform the right movement: heel and then point. In this way, you will not lose your balance and will not look awkward.

3. Keep the right posture, in order to lighten the weight. When you are standing, try and bring the weight backwards: in this way, you will avoid leg and foot pains!

3 secrets for more comfortable shoes

When you wear too high heeled shoes, your foot sole can hurt. In this case, you need a cushion for your sole. If you are in a hurry, just take some cotton balls, flatten them and put in in the front part of your shoes, until its point.

What to do when your shoes are too tight? Stretch them out with the hot air of your hair dryer, then wear it immediately. A softer shoe helps bearing the high heels for longer. Be careful: heat up the inner part of your shoes, in order to avoid spoiling their material.

Sometimes, high-heeled shoes are large and slip out when you’re walking. In this case, you need a cushion inside them to help remaining in their place. You can either use an insole or put cotton balls under your heel.

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