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How to pass the costume test: the perfect guide for summer

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The costume test is not necessarily a nightmare if you know how to deal with it: let’s find out all the ways to get ready for summer.

Costume test passed! No, we are not crazy , it’s just that we would like to be able to shout it aloud to the world, and instead often every year we find ourselves a few months from the summer to think about how to pass the bikini test and the best methods to have a physique satisfactory in view of the summer.

There are certainly some tricks and starting points that help us get ready in the summer , but one thing we can tell you right away: the test will be truly passed only when you feel comfortable with your body. There are no other rules !

In any case, if you have accumulated a few extra pounds too much and want to regain form ahead of summer, here is a simple and practical guide!

Costume fitting
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Prepare for the costume test

Building a body that makes us feel good about ourselves is not simple, but neither is it impossible . There are very subjective factors with which we have to deal, from weight to age, without forgetting the psychological aspect : there are those who want to have sculpted abs, who on the other hand also feels good with a little bacon!

In any case, if you have come to read this far maybe you want to adopt it. So let’s see how to do it!

Exercises and costume testing

The first phase, fundamental for regaining shape, is to eliminate excess fat with the right exercises. Starting with endless sets of abs makes little sense if we don’t first reduce the fat that covers the muscle tissue. So there is a very precise ladder to follow (not only for the abs, but for all the muscles in general ).

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-The first step is aerobic activity . Go for a run , walk, pedal, in short practice this type of sport at least 30 a day for 4/5 days a week. The key? Method and continuity!

-After becoming familiar with your method, begin alternating 1/2 days a week of targeted exercises: weights, abs or gym sessions, trying to raise the load week by week.

-Do not obsess over diets or anything. During this time it will be enough that you abide to a good diet without too many excesses.

Diet and costume testing

Food is certainly important, but if you are thinking of postponing the problem for 2 weeks after leaving for the holidays and try one of those lightning diets that promise to lose 5 kilos in two days , well, forget it!

This type of unbalanced and radical diet never leads to anything good (and it doesn’t even say that it works). And if it works, in most cases the pounds will resume immediately.

So what to do? The correct thing is to combine a balanced diet based on the amount of sports you do during the week: if you don’t have to lose a lot of pounds, simply try to eat healthy and balance the ratio between proteins, carbohydrates and fats , alternating fish, white meat , vegetables, fruit, pasta, rice, cereals and more. Here are some tips:

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-The breakfast: never ever commit the mistake to skip it “both feet” or just a coffee settle. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that is why it must be made by choosing the right foods . The alternatives are both sweet and jump. From the classic Greek yogurt sweetened with honey, to a slice of wholemeal rye bread with strictly home made jam.

The alternatives are many. The products of certain origin and poor in refined sugars are to be preferred. If, on the other hand, you are a savory lover, try avocado: spread on bread with a drizzle of oil and a pinch of pepper, or used to accompany a nice egg in the bull’s eye.

-The lunch: rice and whole grains “at will”. Have you ever tried Venus rice salad? Do not indulge yourself with the seasonings, which is not necessary. Always focus on simple and light seasonings: a must try with clams, mixed vegetables. Are you still hungry? A salad of fennel, orange, walnuts and some olives could be the perfect remedy!

Dinner is the perfect time to treat yourself to the fish or meat, well … protein (preferably white meat). In both cases the cooking to be preferred are those in which they do not require large seasonings. Baked, baked, steamed or grilled: no salt needed! The aromas are enough and they advance …

If, on the other hand, you want to lose more weight and in a more systematic way, contact a nutritionist and choose a long-term diet, perhaps Mediterranean or protein, in general that is suitable for your metabolism , your body and the goals you have set yourself.

Costume test: when to start?

In order not to transform your costume test into your worst nightmare, change some small habits . No great sacrifices are needed if you start to give yourself some more fruit or if you take advantage of a sunny day to take a walk in the park: in short, the general rule is to start early in the months of April or May!

You should never get caught up in anxiety, but act wisely. Of course, one should not think of obtaining miraculous results in a few months, but one can still make a serious commitment to achieve a goal that is realistic. Viewing it is definitely helpful. Is there a costume from the new collection that you like crazy? Perfect! So hang it on your closet so that you always have what you want under your eyes.

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