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Removing your make-up before going to sleep is very important. Here’s how to do it without making any mistakes!

You might feel too tired and have absolutely no will to remove your make-up: of course, this is a mistake! Your skin needs to be cleansed, and, above all, to be “clean”, not only from make-up, but also from smog and pollution accumulated during the day. Removing it properly is, therefore, very important to maintain the health of your face skin.

Let’s find out the tips to follow and the mistakes to avoid!

How to properly remove your make-up

How to perfectly remove your make-up: some tips Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/donna-pelle-giovane-bello-bella-3191095/

Use quality products. Our skin needs care, then we need to pay attention to everything we’re going to apply on it. You can also choose products suitable to your skin type.

From your lips to the rest of your face. First of all, you need to gently remove your lipstick with a cotton pad. After that, you can remove cleanse the rest of your face. If we are not sure you have removed all the make-up on your face, wash it with warm water and remove the rest of the make-up.

Apply a toning lotion. Immediately after having cleaned your face with a gel cleanser,  apply the toning lotion by dabbing it all over your face.This product is very important to restore the pH of the skin.

Apply a face and eye area cream. Finally, before going to sleep, apply the right creams your face needs to be healthy and clean.

Lip balm. If during the day you often use lipstick, even your lips need care. Therefore, apply some balm to hydrate them!

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/donna-pelle-giovane-bello-bella-3191095/

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