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How to prepare a perfect vegan pesto

Vegan pesto

As tasty as the original, vegan pesto is the perfect sauce for pasta and, despite being without cheese, no one will notice.

The goodness of vegan recipes has meant that more and more people stop looking at them with distrust and start trying them. This is why we know that you will appreciate our idea of ​​preparing a perfect vegan pesto to season pasta , gnocchi and anything else you want. Its creaminess is truly sensational and no one will notice that yours is a pesto recipe without cheese.

That’s right, maybe you haven’t thought about it but since it’s a homemade vegan pesto, Parmesan is not allowed . Instead we will use a very popular ingredient in vegan cuisine: cashews . With their particular flavor and texture they are often used in the preparation of vegan cheeses. But let’s see together how this delight is prepared.

Vegan pesto
Vegan pesto

How to prepare the vegan pesto recipe

  1. First wash the basil leaves and dry them with a clean cloth or with the special centrifuge for the salad.
  2. Transfer it to a food processor with blades at the bottom.
  3. Then add the garlic deprived of the soul, the pine nuts , the cashews and a pinch of salt .
  4. Pour in the oil and an ice cube to maintain the bright green color and start blending.
  5. Stop from time to time to prevent the mixture from overheating and if necessary adjust the consistency with more oil or cold water.
  6. Your veg pesto is ready to use!

For a real full immersion in vegetable cuisine, we recommend you also try the vegan ragù : it is excellent both with fresh pasta and for making tasty lasagna. Otherwise, if you can, try the Genoese pesto recipe in order to compare it.


Vegan pesto can be kept in the refrigerator covered with a drizzle of oil and placed in a glass jar for a week. It is also possible to freeze it , already portioned, for up to 6 months.

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