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How to prepare for running in the fall? And when to go? Here’s what to know!

Running at dawn

Running in the dark in the evening or before dawn can be the ideal solution for those who want to keep fit despite work: let’s find out how to train safely.

The arrival of winter that shortens our days, or simply a sudden change in the work around which we have organized our whole life, sometimes puts us in front of a hard choice: to give up our physical training . Not finding a way to make our beloved sporting activity coexist with the new rhythm of the day, we surrender to laziness. Running in the dark, late at night, or before dawn, can instead be the optimal solution to not lose physical shape and fully dedicate ourselves to our duties during the day.

But running in the dark isn’t as simple as it sounds. In fact, many measures are necessary aimed at the safety and physical well-being of those who practice this tiring but satisfying nocturnal activity. Let’s find out together what are the main precautions to take and how to prepare for an effective and safe workout!

Running at dawn
Running at dawn

What to wear to run in the dark

To run late in the evening or very early in the morning we will have to wear specific sportswear, generally clear and with reflective inserts. The passing of cars with their headlights on will make our technical clothing reflect, making us clearly visible and allowing motorists to avoid us well in advance.

Another important trick for running in the dark is to apply a flashing light , generally LED , to our trousers or windproof jacket. While it does not illuminate the path we are taking, it will make us further visible to passing motor vehicles.

In addition, a front light , to be placed on our forehead, will allow us to be seen by drivers on the path and to have greater visibility of the road we are traveling on.

Which path to choose

– First of all, we avoid busy paths , badly frequented or totally devoid of artificial light. Running in the dark does not have to question our safety. The cars, despite our proper clothing, have less visibility at night. Choosing a route with a high traffic intensity increases the risks . The same goes for the frequentations of the area we are entering, we avoid ending up in the hands of those who want to take advantage of the situation. Also for this reason, a minimum of artificial light is not bad.

To run
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– We always run with a mobile phone in our pocket. For any urgency or hypothetical accident it is essential to be able to ask someone for help. Even a small amount of money will allow us to cover the cost of a taxi or the purchase of a drink if we find ourselves in difficulty of energy origin.

– The right direction to take, contrary to what one might think, is the one that goes against cars (therefore to the left and not to the right as the traditional rules of the road would suggest). Running in the opposite direction to the progress of the vehicles allows them to enlighten us and see us in time. The same goes for us, a danger that materializes in front of us is more avoidable than a danger behind us.

– The use of earphones for listening to music is prohibited. If the use of earphones is highly discouraged during the day, it is totally forbidden at night. If in addition to reduced visibility, we also compromise our hearing, the risks can really become lethal.

Running in the dark: the important thing is not to overdo it

Running in the dark is a viable solution only in the case of absolute physical well-being. Running late at night does not foresee terrifying alarms but it can be dangerous if done in an unresponsive way because at the end of the day our body suffers an inevitable drop in energy . Unlike the morning before dawn , a difficult time for the early rising time but with a higher energy load and a much faster metabolism.

However, in both cases, we avoid overdoing it. A 40-minute jog at medium intensity and constant speed, without repetitions or sprints can be more than enough to keep us fit. And if we also want to make it pleasant and fun, we involve some friends : running in company is less tiring, more fun and definitely safer.

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