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How to preserve the aroma of basil all year round?

Basil powder

Basil powder is made in 3 ways: in the sun, in the oven or with the microwave. In all cases it is perfect for preserving its aroma for many months.

The answer for those who want to be able to use the aroma of basil all year round without buying packaged products at the supermarket? But it sure is our dried basil powder! To make this product you will not need many steps and, depending on the time you have available (or the weather), you can choose whether to make it with the help of the oven, the microwave or even just the sun’s rays .

Now let’s see all the steps (which actually aren’t many), and how to use it on your delicacies!

Basil powder
Basil powder

Preparing the basil powder recipe

  1. Let’s start by washing the basil leaves and stems thoroughly under running cold water.
  2. Separate the leaves carefully and be sure to pat them dry with a kitchen towel.
  3. Now comes the time to choose the drying method . You can leave the basil leaves to dry for 2-3 days outside in the sun, in a pan and with the leaves well spaced. Or you can put it in the oven at about 60 ° C with the door slightly open (you can help yourself with a cork) for about 2 hours. Finally, you can put it in the microwave between two sheets of parchment paper and operate the appliance for about 3 minutes at 1000 W of power.
  4. Once the basil leaves are dried, grind them into a powder and store them in a sterilized container with an airtight lid.

How to use basil powder in cooking

This homemade product is perfect to use for first and second courses. The basil powder in the first courses is used to flavor pasta, gnocchi and even some risottos such as the one with mushrooms . As for the main courses , however, we advise you to use it to flavor meat, in marinades or directly at the end of cooking. You can add a few pinches of powder in the marinade of a spiced chicken, but also at the end of cooking red meat like a nice grilled rib.

We only advise you to be careful not to overdo it, the taste could become too pungent and very unappetizing. If you want, you can also make basil salt to flavor your dishes.


This basil powder can be kept for several months in the pantry and inside a glass container with an airtight lid. Remember to keep it away from sources of humidity and heat.

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