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How to prevent cellulite: the rules to follow

woman with cellulite

How to prevent cellulite? Here are the useful strategies that work and can make you look at your body with new eyes and without one of the most hated imperfections ever.

It often happens to wonder how to prevent cellulite. After all, it is one of the most common imperfections among women, as well as one of the most hated. Although once it shows up it is still possible to fight it, there is no doubt that playing early is always the best choice. So let’s find out what are the best strategies to prevent cellulite from occurring.

How to avoid cellulite: the basic rules that everyone should follow

As everyone knows, cellulite is a blemish that can originate from various factors.

woman with cellulite
woman with cellulite

Among these there may be a wrong lifestyle but also the intake of drugs such as the anticonceptual pill or, again, the genetic predisposition. In any case, there are some basic rules that should always be followed.

The first is obviously to eat well. This does not mean cutting calories but choosing healthy, seasonal and as fresh foods as possible. So yes to fresh fruit and vegetables, to whole-grain carbohydrates, to lean proteins and good fats.

Good hydration will be associated with nutrition . And all of this must be completed with physical activity. It is indeed important that circulation is optimal and that the muscles are active. In this way the skin will remain toned and you will have a better visual effect.

Mistakes to never make

Now that we have seen what are the rules to follow to prevent cellulite from occurring, it is good to remember the bad habits that should be carefully avoided:

  • First of all, a too sedentary life should be avoided. And if you can’t because of a job that requires you to spend a lot of time sitting, it is advisable to get up from time to time to move a little and reactivate the circulation .
  • Always in favor of the latter, too tight tights and all wrapping or compressing garments should be avoided. Even high heels, in the long run, can represent an obstacle to microcirculation.
  • It is also important to avoid smoking. In addition to damaging health, it hinders tissue oxygenation, promoting water retention.
  • Finally, foods rich in saturated fat or with too much salt should be avoided. And refined sugars and all those foods that, in general, lead to fat accumulation should also be limited.

By following both the rules and the mistakes you should never make, you can count on a better physical shape and able to fight cellulite as much as possible.

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