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How to prevent cystitis: all the rules to follow

Cystitis problems

How to prevent cystitis? Let’s discover the methods to counter the onset of an annoying and painful urinary tract disorder.

If you happen to wonder how to prevent cystitis, the good news is that this is almost always doable. To succeed, however, a whole series of important rules must be followed. Let’s find out what they are and how to put them in place in the correct way to try to counter a really annoying and sometimes difficult to solve problem.

How to avoid cystitis: the rules to follow to keep it as far away as possible

Cystitis is an inflammation that affects many women and can be particularly annoying and painful.

Cystitis problems
Cystitis problems

It is especially so when, once cured, it tends to appear several times over time. Although the first thing to do for good cystitis prevention is to thoroughly investigate why it came the first time in order to remedy it , there are some ground rules that can help keep it away. Among these the most important to remember and put into practice are:

– Do not hold urine for a long time.
– Always hydrate properly.
– Empty your bladder thoroughly after each intimate relationship.
– Follow a diet rich in fiber.
– Make sure you are getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals.
– Avoid sugars and alcohol.
– Thoroughly take care of intimate hygiene.
– Use natural remedies at the first signs.
– Consume cranberry juice and other bladder-friendly foods.

What to do if cystitis tends to recur: the rules to follow

It may happen that, despite being attentive to everything and following the rules indicated above, cystitis still occurs. In this case, the first move to do is to contact your doctor in order to carry out investigations to be sure that there are no bacteria to defeat.

Once this is done, you can think of a weakened immune system and take lactic ferments while following a diet aimed at raising it.

Another point to consider is allergies . Nickel, for example, tends to greatly inflame the body. An ad hoc diet, therefore, could make a difference. For the same reason, all inflammatory foods such as citrus fruits and tomatoes should be banned at least for a while. Steps to always follow behind a doctor’s protection.

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