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How to put on Minnie Mouse makeup quickly and easily

Minnie makeup

Minnie Mouse makeup is a favorite of Disney character lovers. Let’s find out how to make a simple version.

Carnival is getting closer and closer and the options to choose from are always many. Still, there are timeless characters who are among the favorites every year. Among these the Minnie make-up definitely stands out.
Since it is not always easy to make it as you would like. Today we will see together the steps to follow to get a Minnie Mouse makeup for Carnival that is simply perfect.

Minnie’s make-up: the essential tools

To get the perfect Minnie makeup, it is important to have the right cosmetics and some essential accessories. Therefore, you will need:

– Light foundation
– Black pencil
– Mascara
– Blush
– Lipstick
– False lashes (optional)
– Mouse ears
– A pink polka dot dress
– A red bow always with polka dots

It is in fact important to distinguish between a carnival mouse makeup and a Minnie mouse one and to do this it is essential to have the right ears and a dress that at first glance helps to remember the character. Given that the dress and ears, and to want to be perfectionist also the tail, can be found on the web or in specialized shops, it remains to take care of the make-up.

The steps for a perfect Minnie’s makeup

Let’s start by applying the foundation well, choosing one possibly lighter than your complexion. Once this is done it’s time to apply some red blush on the cheeks. With the eye pencil you can draw the nose and then color it black. And immediately afterwards you can draw the mustache .

The eyes must be made up with extreme care, paying particular attention to the lashes. You can choose between a neutral and a purple eyeshadow and even the eyeliner is optional or replaceable by the usual black pencil. What really matters is that there is plenty of mascara to make lashes look longer. An effect that can be achieved even better with false eyelashes.

Now just a veil of lipstick is enough and the makeup will be complete. Put on the right dress and accessories, you will be in all respects ready to show off a new image.

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