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How to quit smoking: some useful advice


How to stop smoking and avoid gaining weight: tips to say goodbye forever to cigarettes and return to live and breathe better.

Quitting smoking is one of the biggest challenges, as it puts a strain the body and willpower. It is difficult because  you miss that feeling of satisfaction and addiction to the smell. Repetitive gestures and routine are two other obstacles difficult but not impossible to overcome.

Avoiding certain situations and preferring other healthier habits is fundamental to avoid falling into the temptation and to reach your goal. In case of moments of weakness, remind yourself that quitting smoking is the first step towards a better lifestyle and a lower risk for your health.

How to quit smoking by yourself: 4 tips

1. Avoid temptations and everything that inevitably leads to smoke, as for example coffee during a break at work, or going in places where you smoke.

2. In order to keep at bay the irritability resulted from the absence of nicotine, try chewing gums. Choose those without sugar to avoid tooth decays. While chewing, you can release stress and, consequently, you will curb your urge to smoke.

3. Nibble a toothpick when you feel you need a cigarette.

4. As a method of gratification, put aside the money saved and treat yourself!


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You want to quit smoking without gaining weight: is it possible?

When you are hungry, avoid sweets, cold cuts and weighty snacks outside of meal time. When you quit smoking, vitamins and minerals levels lower. In order to bring them back to normal, you have to eat lots of citrus fruits and vegetables and increase the intake of calcium and folic acid. If you increase, instead, the intake of fats and carbohydrates, you are likely to gain weight and slow down blood circulation.

Together with the diet, you need to workout. Let your body get used to a healthy and regular lifestyle!

An excellent method to release smoke toxins and avoid gaining weight is drinking lots of detox herbal teas. Try those with ginger and green tea or cleansing herbal teas with licorice, fennel and thyme. In addition, it is recommended to drink plenty of water during meals and avoid consumption of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. In order to calm the tension due to cigarette abstinence, you can also try a relaxing and calming herbal tea. Prepare infusions or herbal teas with plants and flowers such as camomile, valerian or lemon balm.

Finally, try a nice relaxing hot bath. Fill the tub with hot water and pour in relaxing essential oil, as the bitter orange or the vanilla one. You will forget your need to smoke!

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