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How to recognize certified Ffp2 masks: things to know

girl with mask

Do you know how to recognize certified Ffp2 masks and distinguish them from non-compliant ones? We tell you this with a few simple tricks to know.

With the arrival of the global Covid epidemic , masks have become an ever-present accessory in our lives. There are various types around and at least until today the most used were the surgical masks also known as community masks, as they are aimed above all at protecting others. To avoid contagion it is essential to use certified Ffp2 masks as thanks to a filtering capacity that goes over 90% they guarantee greater protection . How to recognize the certified Ffp2 masks, though? This is not always easy, which is why you have to pay attention to some rules.

The Ffp2 masks are the most recommended

To date, the use of Ffp2 masks has begun to become mandatory in some countries and all because with the variants of Covid it has been necessary to increase the levels of protection of people.

girl with mask
girl with mask

In fact, protecting others only, through the use of surgical masks , is no longer enough. To be sure not to take risks, it is essential to think about yourself too, thus avoiding contracting the virus, especially in risky environments such as hospitals, nursing homes, and the like.

A problem raised recently, however, concerns the presence of many non-abnormal masks . In fact, it seems that some do not pass the tests and are still put on the market. This is why it is essential to raise awareness on the subject and try in every way to learn to recognize those according to the law from counterfeit ones.

How to recognize the Ffp2 masks according to the law

According to Dr. Paolo D’Ancona, epidemiologist of the Higher Institute of Health, the Ffp2 masks should always be purchased through official channels such as, for example, pharmacies and supermarkets. As he himself told AdnKronos, in fact, there are also imitations around which, obviously, are not safe at all.

But how to recognize those according to the law? While this isn’t always easy, there are a few things to note:

– First of all, the inscription “In accordance with Uni En149: 2001 must be placed on the mask.

– Secondly, it must fit perfectly. If this does not happen, if it does not last over time or if you notice particular defects, it is always good to ask yourself the doubt and try to investigate the origin of the mask.

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