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How to recognize dandruff and what remedies to apply


Dandruff is a scalp disease that causes a lot of discomfort and is very common among people of all ages.

The most recurrent symptoms related to the formation of dandruff are the itching of the scalp and the appearance of usually whitish scales. The scales represent the dead skin cells , this pathology originates from a mix of endogenous and exogenous causes. Dandruff can initially appear mild but can become a real nightmare if not treated properly with the necessary precautions. In this case, the common “snow effect” occurs which occurs when you comb your hair, when walking or moving quickly, depositing dandruff on clothing.

There are different types of dandruff and each of them is linked to particular remedies and to a specific anti-dandruff shampoo .

What are the differences between dry dandruff and oily dandruff

Dandruff is divided into two main categories: dry dandruff and oily dandruff.

Dry dandruff occurs when the skin is not properly hydrated and flaking occurs quickly and continuously. It shows no symptoms of inflammation, itching and skin irritation.

This type of dandruff generally occurs in periods of strong emotional stress and can manifest itself aggressively during the winter.

Oily dandruff is a type of dandruff that causes major discomforts and problems. The scalp is fat and has a large amount of thick yellowish scales , similar to crusts.

The most common symptom related to oily dandruff is constant itching and the high secretion of sebum that anoints both the skin and the hair.

Dandruff is called physiological when we witness the loss of small scales due to the replacement of the stratum corneum, the most superficial layer of the epidermis which peels regularly. It can be caused by atmospheric and external agents such as too dry air, frequent washing or aggressive shampoos.


What remedies to use against dandruff

Many remedies can be applied to counteract the appearance of dandruff , both natural and through drugs.

The first remedy against dandruff is hygiene and daily hair care , it is necessary to sanitize the scalp to avoid the accumulation of sebum and counteract oily dandruff.

Hair needs a washing done with care and a correct rinse through a constant but not excessive washing frequency , as it would cause the increase of dandruff. The right washing frequency for hair with dandruff is three washes per week with non-aggressive products and applying a gentle massage on the skin.

Eating habits also affect the appearance of dandruff , it is recommended to consume omega-3, foods with B vitamins and sulfur amino acids found in fruit, vegetables, lean meat and fish.

In the presence of dandruff, the use of products such as gels and lacquers is not recommended, as they cause inflammation of the scalp. Anti- dandruff shampoos , on the other hand, represent a valid aid to counteract any type of dandruff and must be used with attention and moderation.

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