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How to remove makeup when you are on holiday? 3 practical and quick methods!

How to remove your makeup when you are on holiday? 3 practical and quick methods!

From coconut oil to the makeup removing cloth: here are a few ideas to help you remove your makeup in an easy and quick way when you are on holiday!

Leaving for the holidays means thinking about what to bring with you in your beauty bag, especially to remove makeup. Preparing your luggage is not always easy: this is the reason why you should study what we really need with us. In order to avoid heavy baggages, we can try and reduce the amount of products we use at home.

This does not mean give up on something, but select the right cosmetics and bring with you just a bit of them, maybe in a travelling case. Instead, to remove the makeup, we have three options: find out how to remove your makeup when travelling, in an easy and quick way!

What makeup remover is better to use when travelling?

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  • Coconut oil. Other than being a beauty ally, this product can be used as a super natural makeup remover! You can use it also to make compresses for your hair. With just one product you can obtain great results! It is the best way to bring less cosmetics with you!
  • Makeup removing cloth. It seems that this product is very efficient, other than being cheap and eco-friendly. Moreover, it is the best way to avoid makeup removers, because you can use this cloth more than once!
  • Cleansing wipes. Instead of the usual makeup remover, that takes a lot of room in your luggage, you can buy this product. Choose high quality ones that respect your type of skin. This is probably one of the most common products among people who often travel on airplanes: it is the best way to save room in your beauty bag!

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