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How to remove the gel from the nails with home methods, without doing damage

Nail gel

Removing the gel from your nails without going to the beautician is possible, but you have to be very careful. Here’s how to do it!

One of the main advantages of gel nails is the long duration. Unless removed, the gel does not go away, as it does with simple nail polish. This also has a negative aspect, however: you have to go to the nail technician not only to apply the gel, but also to remove it. A real drag!

Did you do the rebuild, regret it and now you want to remove it? Let’s see how to remove gel nails at home , without doing damage!

How to remove the nail reconstruction

Nail gel
Nail gel

To remove the reconstruction , it is first necessary to understand what type of gel was used. Usually, when an extension is done with tips or papers, the chosen gel is the classic one, very hard and resistant. Another type of gel, less used and similar to semi-permanent nail polish, is the soak off, thinner and softer than the classic one.

The soak off gel is quite easy to remove. To do this, you will need: a file, a specific solvent, cotton pads and aluminum foil. The first thing to do is to file the surface of the gel , being very careful not to get to the actual nail. Wet the cotton pads with the solvent , apply them to the nails and cover them with some aluminum foil. Wait ten minutes, remove the aluminum foil and the cotton and eliminate the last residues of gel.

The reconstruction with classic gel, on the other hand, must be removed with the bur and you must necessarily contact a nail technician, because you risk damaging your nails.

How to remove the gel with the file

If you still want to try to remove the gel at home , we recommend doing it without a bur, using only two files (one with a 100/150 grit and one less hard), a nail degreaser, a cuticle oil and a strengthening polish.

Start filing the gel with the hard file , without getting to the natural nail. Remove the dust that has formed and continue filing using the most delicate file until the nail appears. At this point, clean the nails with the degreaser, push the cuticles back with a stick, nourish them with a special oil and finish the work with the strengthening polish.

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