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How to safely reuse plastic bottles

How to safely reuse plastic bottles

Why throwing away plastic bottles after having used them only once? You can reuse them, you just need to follow some tips.

You can reuse plastic bottles, but you need to be careful. According to some researches, bringing a plastic bottle everywhere with you for a week makes it collect on its surface more bacteria than on your toilet. These studies can be scary, but if you follow some advice you can safely drink water from your beloved bottle.

Recycling plastic bottles

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First of all, a premise. If reusing a plastic bottle increases the risk of bacterial infections, what happens when we recycle them? From this point of view, we don’t have to worry.

Food and drink containers are absolutely safe. Moreover, during the recycling process there are no toxic additives or dangerous substance added. Always remember to separate plastic from the other waste and to dispose of it in the right way.

What is the number on the bottle bottom?

Not everyone knows what the number (from 1 to 7) on the bottle bottom means. It’s not related to the times you can reuse the bottle, but it indicates its material, so it is useful when it comes to recycle it.

The most common is number 1, which indicates polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This material does not releases toxic substances, but it does not last long. It can become a bacteria vessel.

How to reuse plastic bottles

Is it safe to reuse plastic bottles more than once? It depens on how you do it. Generally speaking, these container are to be used just once, even because they can be exposed to sunlight and sudden temperature changes.

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However, it is possible to safely reuse them. The first advice is to always carefully wash the bottle before filling it up with any liquid. Moreover, left-over water should not be left there for too long: use it for your plants! If the bottle is not intact, throw it away.

The right thing to do if you always carry a bottle of water in your purse is to find the most suitable material. You can buy hard plastic containers, which are safer and more hygienic. Or you can carry a glass bottle, even if it won’t be that convenient.

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