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How to stop hiccups? The DIY remedies you should definitely try!

Girl with hiccups

Do you know the best hiccups remedies? Let’s try to discover them together and see what can be the causes that activate it.

When it takes you is it really hard to make it go away? Can’t stop it and need some advice ? Then it is precisely the hiccup! There are many home remedies for this nasty (but usually not worrying unless it becomes persistent ) ailment… have you tried them all?

Let’s first see a brief overview of the causes and then move on to the methods to eliminate it right away!

Why hiccups come: the causes

Girl with hiccups
Girl with hiccups

Let’s start with a question that may seem trivial, but to which not everyone knows how to answer: what is hiccups? This problem is caused by a spasm of the diaphragm , which begins to contract in an abnormal and repetitive way. The characteristic “hic” noise is due to the rapid movement of the glottis.

What causes all this is the irritation of the phrenic nerve which can be due to poor swallowing of liquids, a change in temperature, a strong emotion or a too abundant meal , especially if eaten quickly.

In most cases, the hiccup goes away on its own within a few minutes, but sometimes it is very persistent and something needs to be done to calm it down. Here are some of the most effective grandma remedies .

Methods to get rid of hiccups: the remedies

It might seem trivial but there are some methods for hiccups that often work despite not being strictly scientifically based:

1. A scare. A strong surprise can upset the vagus nerve and stop hiccups.

2. Lemon juice. A very effective grandmother’s remedy is to drink a tablespoon of lemon juice, pure or mixed with a little sugar .

3. A bag. It seems that breathing into a bag, inflating it like a balloon, helps to stop sobbing and regulate breathing.

Drink water
Drink water

4. Water. One of the best known remedies is to drink water in small sips. However, it is not always sufficient .

5. Plug your nose. Closing your nose and holding your breath can help regulate it and thus fight hiccups.

6. Close your ears. Like fright, closing the ears for at least 10 seconds also upsets the vagus nerve.

7. Tickle the palate. Tickling the soft part of the palate with the tip of the tongue appears to be an effective remedy for stopping sobbing.

yoga position
yoga position

8. Diaphragmatic breathing. Finally, to block the contractions of the diaphragm, it is important to try to breathe with the belly instead of the chest, as is done during the practice of yoga .

Continuous hiccups: need to worry?

If the hiccup is occasional, don’t worry, but there may be cases where it becomes persistent and particularly insistent . In these cases it could be related to a disease, such as pericarditis or digestive system disorders, including reflux and gastritis.

If it occurs often and above all you can’t get rid of it even with the previous advice, we recommend that you consult your doctor to carry out some tests.

In some cases where the hiccup does not pass it may be needed surgery to devitalize the phrenic nerve.

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