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How to strengthen weak, brittle nails

How to strengthen weak, brittle nails

Do you have weak nails? Here are all you need to know, from the causes to the best remedies to strengthen them.

Today we will talk about strengthening brittle nails, a problem that affects many women. Nails can be women best friends or their worst enemy and can be the setting of a precious stone on your finger. For some people nails are a fun accessory that change color every day, for others a huge burden…

If you do not have a friendly relationship with your nails and you always bicker with your cuticles, then the following tips may help you!

5 tips to keep your nails strong

Here is a simple guide to strengthen your brittle nails. Let’s start!

– Between nail polish applications, leave your nails au naturel for a few days, in order to let them breathe (yes: just like skin, nails breathe, too).

– If you want to strengthen your nails, after a bad reconstruction, you can see a dermatologist. Actually, there are some hyaluronic acid treatments that smoothe and even the nail surface. You need several sessions (lasting about an hour). They cost about 50 euro.

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– Stay hydrated! Your nails may be weak due to dehydration. The ideal is to drink 2 to 3 litres of water every day. Fruit and vegetables are also useful, especially those with a high content of water. We recommend you to eat seasonal ones!

Chlorine, salted water and too aggressive detergents could damage your nails. Just apply a specific hand cream every time you touch one of these substances.

– And obviously… don’t ever put your hands in your mouth or, worse, do not bite your nails!

Strengthening brittle nails: natural remedies

If you want harder nails but you do not want to spend too much money, here there are some natural remedies for you!

Grandama’s remedy par excellence is mixing warm water, olive oil and lemon juice. Soak your finger in it for about twenty minutes, then rinse and dry. Try and apply some moisturizing cream on your cuticles before soaking your hands in the mixture. In this way, you will strengthen your nails and, at the same time, you will soften the hateful cuticles.

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Weak nails: the most frequent causes

Brittle nails are a common cosmetic problem, and it is surprising how many factors are involved in this phenomenon. Here are the most relevant:

• Age

• Diet

• Excessive use of nail polish

• Chemicals and detergents

• Extended time of soaking in water

• Cold temperatures

• Sudden changes of temperature

• Use of acrylic to artificially lengthen nails

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