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How to strengthen your hair and keep it healthy during the menopause

How to strengthen your hair and keep it healthy during the menopause

During menopause, your hair is affected by the change. Let’s find out what to do to strengthen it!

At some point of their lives, women have to face a major change: menopause. This is perhaps the period women most fear, because it is the clear signal that age is advancing. Menopause is a delicate stage where the entire body undergoes changes, and hair does too. It is impossible to have healthy, strong and shiny hair for your whole life and with menopause, hair becomes weak and, in some cases, it also tends to thin out.

First, we need to clarify that this change is normal, because the body hormonal level also change. The decrease of estrogen involves a change of the hair and makes it weak. Quite the opposite of what happens, for example, during pregnancy. Menopause may also be the reason why you lose hair. Let’s find out how to strengthen your hair in menopause.

How to take care of your hair in menopause

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In order to cure your hair in menopause and keep it healthy and strong, you need to use not aggressive products. Therefore, avoid all those shampoos or hair masks that do nothing but damage the hair, but focus on quality products. Moroever, do not forget to make a mask at least once a week, in order to nurture and moisturize your hair. If you use dyes to hide white hair, do not do it yourself. Always choose professional hair stylists that can perform the treatments with care and attention.

Another important factor is the diet. It has a strong influence on the life of the hair, then you should pay attention to what you eat. Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables to boost your vitamin intake, drink a lot of water and prefer foods rich in iron and mineral salts.

If the situation is becoming increasingly serious, you can also use certain therapies. There are treatments available, performed by professionals, which stimulate the micro-circulations to improve the health of the hair. However, if you follow these recommendations in your daily life, you will definitely obtain the best results.

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