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How to tan at home: the rules to follow for a perfect result

tanning at home

How to tan at home in a simple and natural way. A few simple tricks for a perfectly golden skin.

Getting a good tan at home is a lot easier than you think. In fact, it is enough to strive to obtain a golden skin much sooner than you think and all in a more than natural way. So let’s find out how to sunbathe at home quickly and easily.

Home tanning: how to prepare the skin

The first thing to know when you think about tanning is that to obtain good results it is necessary to maintain a good constant hydration.

tanning at home
tanning at home

It is therefore necessary to drink a lot and use moisturizers where the skin is drier. It can also be useful to make scrubs to exfoliate the skin in order to make it as ready as possible to receive the warm rays of the sun.

In this way you will avoid losing the results obtained in a short time. Not to mention that by doing so, the tan will be brighter and more even. And, among other things, it will tend to last longer.

How to get a quick tan at home: some practical tips

To sunbathe at home it is first of all important to have good sun protection. In fact, this helps not to burn yourself and protects the skin from the onset of diseases to obtain a perfect tan .

Once this is done, it is good to identify the best times which are in the early morning or early afternoon. Better to avoid the moments when the sun beats down the most because this can be dangerous and the effects would still be destined to last a short time.

Having said that, you can put on a costume and take advantage of the brightest spot in the house to tan naturally, perhaps relaxing a little. Whether it’s a garden or a simple window, it doesn’t matter. Just create a suitable environment and relax with some music.

If you want to get a faster tan, you can massage olive oil into your skin after the sunscreen. This, in fact, will help you to tan. Another effective method ? Get wet often. Water also attracts the sun’s rays, helping to achieve the desired result faster.

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