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How to tell if the eggs are still good? Here are all the methods


Often we are in doubt about the freshness of food and we wonder if there is a way to understand if eggs are good or not.

Eggs are among the most delicate foods and it is difficult to understand if they are fresh, especially when it is not possible to read the expiry date . Everyone will have wondered at least once how to tell if eggs are good. For this in this article we are going to see some useful tips.

The methods we will talk about are valid for tracing the age of the eggs and therefore can be useful both in the case of fresh eggs without labeling, and in the case in which the expiry date is no longer legible. Let’s see how to do it.

How to tell if eggs are still good

The first thing to do is to check that the eggs don’t smell bad. In addition, egg shells are porous enough for eggs to acquire odors over time. Any bad smell, therefore, could mean that the eggs have gone bad or that they have been stored incorrectly.

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By whipping the eggs we will be able to get an idea of ​​their freshness. In fact, the older ones will be easier to assemble, but the foam will then disassemble more easily than the fresh ones.

How to tell if eggs are good to eat? The test

If you are wondering how to tell if eggs are good to eat and you want a quick method, you can use the water method. The test consists in immersing the eggs in a container: if they go to the bottom they are still fresh, if they float they are too old and not suitable for consumption.

In the event that the egg tends not to go completely to the bottom, it will be less fresh, so the suggestion is to cook them well, opting for long cooking. Regarding cooking, if, on the other hand, you are interested in the optimal cooking of hard-boiled eggs, here are some useful tips.

Boiled eggs: how to tell if they are still good

One way to keep eggs for longer, or to use them when the expiration date approaches, is to opt for the preparation of hard-boiled eggs . In fact, even if the eggs are not consumed during the day, it will be possible to keep them in the fridge.

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However, food storage, especially in the case of eggs, cannot last for many days to avoid the risk of them going bad. For this reason, after putting them in the refrigerator , it is suggested to consume them within 3 or at most 4 days.

To ensure that they keep well in the fridge for this period it is important, however, to keep them without having yet deprived of the shell. The shelled hard-boiled eggs , on the other hand, must be consumed as soon as possible because they will tend to dry out and no longer be edible.

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