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How to uncork your ears with grandma’s remedies

Whistling ears

An excess of ear wax or the presence of water in the ear canal, for the plugged ear we can resort to some natural remedies.

There are several reasons why the ears become blocked: it can be an excess of earwax , the presence of water, phlegm, respiratory infection or high pressure. First of all, to prevent this problem, it is essential to perform a proper ear cleaning every day. Pay attention to the object we are going to use to clean them, otherwise we risk irritating the ear canal and even causing infections. However, if we have a plugged ear for several reasons, we can use some grandmother’s remedies.

Tips and remedies for uncorking clogged ears

For each cause its remedy: before resorting to natural remedies, the cause of the problem must be focused. If we know why we have a blocked ear, we can resort to the right natural remedy.

Whistling ears
Whistling ears

Ear blocked by cerumen. Caused especially by poor hygiene, the wax can be removed with the ‘wine vinegar and alcohol, mixed together, can help to uncork the ear. With the help of a dropper, let’s insert a few drops inside the ear, always in a position bent to one side for about 5 minutes. Finally, we plug the exit with a little cotton, even when the time runs out and we remain so until the ear wax has completely dissolved. An alternative is the saline solution which can be inserted into the ear with the help of a syringe (without a needle) in the same way.

Ear blocked by water. The first natural remedy to uncork the ear from water is surely to rely on the force of gravity. We then tilt our heads to one side and wait for the water to come out. Another grandmother’s remedy is to chew gum vigorously and yawn at the same time.

Ear blocked from pressure. Especially when traveling, we can encounter this kind of very annoying problem. The advice is to compensate for the variation in pressure, that is by blocking our nose with the fingers and pushing the air as if we had to let it out of the ears.

Ear blocked by phlegm. Obviously we have to heal from the flu, in order to free and uncork our ears. In the meantime, however, we can resort to eucalyptus essential oil. With decongestant properties, it is perfect to mix with the saline solution and to be applied inside the ear with the help of a dropper.

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