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How to understand if your make-up products are expired

How to understand if your make-up products are expired

Once opened, your products are every moment closer to their expiration date: here’s how to understand if a cosmetic is expired!

Make-up products usually last from 6 months to up to 48 months. Then, from the moment when you open your cosmetic, you need to pay attention to certain factors. Even if the label states an expiration date, the product may be gone already. There are external factors, such as heat, which could modify its quality and spoil the product.

How to understand if your cosmetics are expired

Understanding if your eyeshadow is expired is not difficult: the product will have a dark patina on its surface and will smell. Usually eyeshadows last 12 months, but if you see these features, get rid of them.

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Talking about lipsticks, you need to be very careful. After rimmel, these are the products which contain more bacteria. An expired lipstick emanates a weird smell and has water droplets on its surface. Do not underestimated this!

Be careful to rimmel, which does not lasts long: after about 4 months it starts to dry out and emanates a bad smell! This might be bacteria friendliest cosmetic…

When foundation expires, it starts to produce water and its texture changes. Recognizing an expired cream is very simple: it stinks and its color turns into yellow.

Nail polish is among the most color-fast products: it can last up to 3 years, if well-stored.

You must throw away your expired make-up products, because they might cause irritations and infections!

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