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How to wear make-up under the mask? Some tips to be perfect!

woman with mask

Doing make-up while wearing a mask can be complicated. Find out some tips to follow to get a good result.

Going out with a mask has now become a common gesture to which we are more or less accustomed. What can still be difficult is to adapt the make-up to his presence. With half the face covered, in fact, the discomforts are different and range from uncertainties about which and how much makeup to apply, to technical problems given by the risk of staining the mask.

Then there are other aspects to consider such as, for example, excessive sweating on the hottest days. All problems that can be started by following a few simple rules.

Makeup under the mask: what to avoid

If staying at home represented for many the possibility of abandoning makeup for a while, going out with the mask always on led to having to find compromises between look and practicality.

The mask, in fact, creates a friction on the skin that can make the foundation even more annoying and that, among other things, causes it to get dirty easily.

woman with mask
woman with mask

On the other hand, choosing not to wear makeup can make you feel uncomfortable, making things more complicated. Fortunately, there are small strategies that can help prevent this from happening and that allow you to feel beautiful even without showing part of your face.

Making up taking into account the presence of the mask is very important because it guarantees not to have any nasty surprises when you are out. In fact, with the heat it is very important to take into account both sweat and the need to put on make-up without weighing down your image. A result that is not always easy to achieve but that will be achievable by following some simple tips.

The steps to follow for a mask-proof makeup

Here are some useful tips for a perfect “mask” makeup:

– Use a long-release moisturizing base
– Apply a primer that helps make-up not to smudge
– Choose a light foundation and not too opaque
– If you can, opt for a concealer to be applied only to the eye contour
– Emphasize eye make-up by putting on the eyeliner without errors and using mascara
– Take care of the eyebrows as much as possible

What if you go out for dinner? In this case it will be enough to bring with you a nude effect lipstick and apply it for the short period in which you will be without a mask.

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