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How to wear makeup in September during the day to make a great impression?

Make up

How to wear makeup in September for the day? All colored make-up for an office look and perfect for any occasion.

September still brings with it the desire for summer and the scent of the sea on the skin, leaving a light color on the face . Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean that make-up has to go back as dark as in winter. Take advantage of the beautiful sunny days to renew your tan and to show off a make-up that is always colorful and glamorous . Keep the glitter and bright colors of summer at hand, perfect for both day and evening. Let’s see how to wear makeup in September for the day, with a make-up that highlights the tan.

Tips for daytime makeup in September

Day makeup depends mainly on three factors: the mood, the location and the complexion . If you are in a good mood let yourself be inspired by the colors of the rainbow and choose an electric blue , a teal and a sparkling pink lipstick . For fair complexions it is important to prepare a warm and homogeneous base . It will not be necessary to use foundation, but just spread a little bb cream on the face . Give an extra touch of color with blush on the cheeks. As for darker skins, bronzing powder will be enough to spread on the face, forehead and neck.

Make up
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Summer make up: tutorials and tips

The eyes and lips should be in the foreground. If you decide to focus attention on the eyes, choose an electric blue or a glittery green. Draw a thick line on the upper rim and then abound with a black or purple mascara and the look will be impactful! In this case, the lips can be simply hydrated with a pink gloss so as to create a homogeneous effect on the face. If, on the other hand, the eyes are not colored, choose a ruby red lipstick with glitter or matt effect.

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