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How to wear makeup in September for the afternoon? Tips to follow

Woman with makeup

How to wear makeup in September for the afternoon? The balanced make-up with close-up eyes and sparkling lips. Here’s how.

Summer is ending, Righeira sang, but they didn’t know that for women when a season ends, nothing changes with regards to make-up and make-up: you must always be at the top. We need to take advantage of the last days of heat to renew the tan and to show off a make-up with warm and shiny tones . For an afternoon in the park or for an outing with friends put some sunscreen on your face, eyeliner , lipsticks and colored mascara! Let’s see how to wear makeup in September for the afternoon on a hot late summer day.

Put on makeup in late summer: how to proceed?

Woman with makeup
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Having a bright look in warm shades of blue and green with pink lips with a gloss effect is ideal. To get an impeccable look it is important to start from a good base and distinguish the types of leather. It is essential to choose an appropriate make-up for light or dark, or dry or combination skin.

Light and sensitive skin will need more hydration and protection. Before proceeding with makeup, apply a nourishing cream with a protection of 15-20. Then spread a light layer of bb cream on the face and neck and fix on the cheeks with a veil of highlighter or blush. If, on the other hand, you have dark skin, you can opt for bronzing powder.

Make up: tutorial for September

The eyes should be in the foreground. Choose a black eyeliner to frame the look and a purple or black mascara . To complete this make-up, choose a pink or pastel gloss. If, on the other hand, you love brighter colors, light up your eyes with a green, purple or blue eyeliner and complete with mascara. In this case the lips must be in nude color to make everything more homogeneous. Choose, for example, a neutral pink lipstick or a transparent gloss.

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