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Hulk smashes: the Hulk inspired cocktail

Hulk smashes cocktail

Inspired by the Marvel hero, the Hulk smashes cocktail is a drink based on gin, cucumber and spirulina algae. Here’s how to prepare it at home!

You are never too old to get carried away in the world of Marvel made up of characters with superpowers and heroes from distant worlds. Among these, one of the most loved is the great green giant Hulk who inspired the bartenders to create the Hulk smashes, a cocktail based on gin, cucumber and spirulina algae . The resulting color, thanks to the presence of one of the most nutrient-rich freshwater algae known, is a beautiful green.

Here then explains the reason for the name of the Hulk cocktail. Incidentally, the reference to the name smashes takes not only a bad habit of Hulk to smash everything that came within range when she lost control, but also the cocktail category smash, or crushed. Usually made with very few ingredients, just like the Hulk cocktail, they are characterized by an extreme ease of preparation , such as to make them easy to make even at home.

Hulk smashes cocktail
Hulk smashes cocktail

How to prepare the Hulk smashes recipe

  1. First, combine the cucumber and sugar in the bottom of a glass, preferably a low tumbler and crush them with a pestle.
  2. Then fill the glass with ice cubes.
  3. Pour in the Tuscan gin and spirulina extract and mix well.
  4. Decorate with a cucumber peel or a few mint leaves and serve.

So you can see how the Hulk smashes drink is really simple to prepare and perfect for an evening with friends. Also try another cocktail with a very particular color, the blue angel .


Like all cocktails, they should be consumed as soon as they are made. Any type of storage is not recommended.

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