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The new beauty trend of the year is hybrid breasts. It is a new way to have a breast job which will leave you cleavage natural, but bigger!

In 2019, there’s a new trend in cosmetic surgery. We’re talking about hybrid breasts, which will allow you to enlarge your cleavage. What is it? Your breasts are surgically enlarged with a combination of silicone and a graft of fat taken from another part of your body.

This is the most recent beauty news. The  plastic surgeon Renato Zaccheddu announced and developed it. United States already tested successfully this technique. A lot of people are already in love with hybrid breasts and want to try it. Let’s find out together what we are talking about.

Hybrid breast is the new 2019 trend!

The doctor who developed it explained that, in the past, using just fat to enlarge breasts was not a great technique, because the body reabsorbed the fat. He pointed out: “In the past, we tried to avoid this effect using the fat to give volume. However, this technique has some disadvantages, related mainly to the reabsorption of the fat injected and then the impossibility to produce a final volume“.

Hybrid breasts are the new beauty trend of 2019. Here's how they're made!
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They optimized the two techniques by running them at the same time. The doctor stated that it is “a hybrid procedure or better, hybrid breast“. They combined fat with the classic silicone prosthesis, which so far have been used alone.

A lot of VIPs have already tried it. For example, the actress Kaley Cuoco, who is very satisfied and more self-confident. Also, the model and actress Jenny Mccarthy underwent this operation.

This technique is ideal for correcting aesthetic defects due to breastfeeding, or more serious problems such as breast cancer. It is a real revolution in the world of surgery, which is making great progresses.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/ragazza-ritratto-persona-occhi-2035074/

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