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Hydrogen peroxide on hair: a simple and effective way to lighten it

bleached hair

Hydrogen peroxide on the hair has a powerful lightening effect. Let’s find out how it works and how to make the hair lighter without taking risks.

Hydrogen peroxide and hair have always been considered as one for those who dream of lightening their hair without having to go to the hairdresser. This product , normally used as a disinfectant , is in fact able to make hair lighter without too much effort. What matters is knowing how to apply it correctly and, above all, without exaggerating.

How to lighten hair with hydrogen peroxide: the rules to follow

As many will know, hydrogen peroxide lightens the hair so much that it is often present among the ingredients of dyes and similar products. It is in fact one of the most used methods to lighten hair naturally .

bleached hair
bleached hair

Generally to obtain a good result it is important to use hydrogen peroxide that does not exceed the concentration of 3% so as not to risk burning the hair.

How to do? After washing them, as always, they can then be dried, being careful not to use products capable of greasing them. Once this is done, with very dry hair, you can start dividing them into locks by applying hydrogen peroxide with cotton on those you want to bleach. Wrap each strand in parchment paper or foil and wait for about 30 minutes. Carefully rinse your hair and wash it again, also applying conditioner.

Before starting it would be better to perform a test on an inconspicuous section. On some people, in fact, hydrogen peroxide could act in less time. It is therefore useful to understand, before starting, how long to wait to obtain the type of lightening you prefer.

Tips to lighten your hair the right way

Like any lightening product, hydrogen peroxide can ruin the hair. For this reason, once applied, it is very important to take better care of it. It will therefore be necessary to use non-aggressive products with restructuring properties and to apply emollient and protective masks of the hair. In this way, even the color obtained will remain healthier without oxidizing.

If the effect obtained were to tire you can apply toning that can make it different. An example are those that tend to red and which, while maintaining a warm tone, will give a different touch. What matters is to always do some tests first, in order not to take risks.

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