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Hygiene at home, the tricks to avoid viruses and infections

hygiene in the house

A dirty house brings diseases and infections, which is why it is essential to know the basic rules for a true preventive home hygiene.

From washing your hands often, to purification with incense , up to the weekly change of sheets, there are many tricks to ensure true hygiene at home and just follow them carefully to ensure health and well-being . In fact, a dirty home environment is a carrier of viruses, bacteria, infections and therefore diseases (for example the COVID-19 coronavirus). And that’s certainly not what we want for ourselves and our loved ones! So let’s find out the basic rules and the necessary precautions to follow.

Home hygiene, tips for a truly healthy home

A report by the British Royal Society for Public Health loudly declares it, one in four people do not give importance to domestic cleaning . Yes, there are still many people who neglect their living environment not realizing the risks they face. Hygiene at home with a dog, with a newborn, but not only, is essential to ensure health and wellbeing for us and our families. This is the only way to prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria and infections that can also cause serious diseases.

hygiene in the house
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Therefore, it is important to keep in mind some essential steps to avoid bacteria in the home. First of all, attention must be paid to those activities that favor the spread of microbes. Handling food, throwing out the garbage , looking after your pet or a family member with an infection… These are just some of the moments when the first thing to do before anything else is to wash your hands well . Even for 2-3 minutes if necessary: ​​we do not pay attention to the flowing water, it is worth our health!

Then, it is important to keep the environment clean , free of fine dust or other. Change the sheets weekly, ventilate the rooms well during the day, purify the rooms through incense. Only in this way will we have a fragrant and healthy home, to be able to live in full well-being , order and cleanliness!

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