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Hypervitaminosis: what does it mean and what are the symptoms and remedies

girl with migraine

Hypervitaminosis is the condition in which an excess of vitamins occurs in the body. Let’s find out the symptoms and remedies.

Hypervitaminosis is the term used to indicate the excess presence of certain vitamins in the body . Generally, it occurs more frequently for vitamins A and D but can also occur with others. It is estimated that in most cases, the vitamins that cause hypervitaminosis are not taken naturally, and therefore from food, but through supplements not prescribed by doctors. These are supplements that, if used incorrectly, can lead to unwanted effects and even serious health problems.

So let’s see what are the most common symptoms and remedies to combat hypervitaminosis.

Hypervitaminosis: the symptoms

girl with migraine
girl with migraine

Hypervitaminosis can occur acutely or chronically. In the first case it occurs in a short time, in the second it is a progressive damage given by a constant assumption.

In both conditions, symptoms can vary based on the type of vitamin involved. In the case of vitamin A, for example, you will experience migraines and vomiting. For D you will have abdominal pain and fatigue. In the case of E, intestinal problems can occur and, finally, in the case of K, anemia , hot flashes and thrombosis.

More generally, however, you experience fatigue and irritability : common symptoms that can, however, set off an alarm bell if you were taking supplements. In these cases, the advice is therefore to talk to the attending physician and to carry out specific tests .

Remedies for excess vitamins

When you have an excess of vitamins in your body, the first thing to do is to contact your doctor to establish an action plan together. This, in most cases, involves stopping the supplement and limiting foods that are rich in the excess vitamin.

In the case of vitamin A, these are usually eggs , milk, liver and fish. While for vitamin D tuna, mushrooms, salmon, eggs and cod should be avoided. The doctor will be able to indicate the foods to be excluded and in important cases refer a true nutritionist able to manage the control of vitamins taken through food .

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