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Hypochondria, when we invent the diseases


Hypochondria: a disorder that creates imaginary pathologies in the mind of those who suffer from it. Let’s find out what it is and how to cure it.

We read an article that tells about the symptoms of a disease, we do a Google search or more simply we see a film set in a medical clinic and suddenly we are convinced that we have nonexistent diseases : if these situations are on the agenda for you, it is likely that you suffer from hypochondria.

It is a fairly widespread pathology and many people live with imaginary symptoms of an imaginary disease . Let’s find out more.

Hypochondria: what is it?

Hypochondria, already known in ancient Greece , is a widespread disease. Affected by hypochondria is defined as an individual who attributes bodily sensations, sometimes non-existent, sometimes real, to an imaginary pathology . Although medical checks or expert observations have shown the absence of this disorder .

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The symptoms that cause an individual to believe that they are sick can vary. They can relate to heartbeat or breathing, sometimes perceived differently. They can concern small wounds, physical pains and much more. The hypochondriac will attribute these symptoms, sometimes as a result of misunderstanding the results of some personal research , to a non-existent disease. The conviction of being sick will lead the subject to perceive the symptoms more, with disastrous effects on his health, even mental.

Usually, hypochondria occurs in people who have a self-image in which they identify themselves as fragile and / or vulnerable people . In most cases, what led them to identify as such is the interaction with their reference figures during childhood . In fact, if the latter have supported this image of weakness with excessively protective attitudes , it is understandable how the subject may have grown up believing himself to be vulnerable.

How to fight imaginary ailments

For a person with hypochondria, any reassurance will be futile . It does not matter that it comes from a family member or a doctor experienced in his field. In many cases, these reassurances will have the opposite effect to the desired one, going to further worsen the subject’s fears about his imaginary pathologies.

The solution in these cases is to go to a psychotherapist . However, so that psychotherapy exists in different forms, it will not be enough to go to any expert. For effective results, it is necessary to contact a psychotherapist specialized in cognitive-behavioral fields.

However, it is necessary to keep in mind that, even if you contact an expert, the treatment of hypochondria could prove to be very difficult . Many patients may sabotage their recovery because they believe that their problem is not psychological.

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