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If his bosses become hers too: Victoria Beckham’s spring 2022

Victoria Beckham spring 2022 dress

A couple ready to share their wardrobe: this is how the concept of Victoria Beckham’s next summer collection was born.

We left her in the summer in full rebirth and revolution, intent on giving a new allure to her brand , and now we find her determined to present us her vision of spring 2022 : Victoria Beckham has not chosen the catwalks of fashion weeks – at least for now – to present this brand new brand , but focuses on a lookbook that contains in the photos posted on Instagram, a feminine collection with a masculine cut .

The structured cut has always characterized Victoria’s brand from the beginning, but this time the designer has decided to draw inspiration from the male wardrobe , and not only from that of her husband David, and revolutionize it with feminine eyes. The result is a seductive, light, fresh collection, imbued with that summer flavor that belongs to those items that we associate exclusively with summer.

Victoria Beckham: the spring 2022 collection that celebrates the European holidays

There are two concepts to which Victoria Beckham was inspired for her next summer collection: the men’s wardrobe and the lightness of summer , where in each of us there is the desire to stop time and live as if we were elsewhere, perhaps in another era: “Reflecting on this season, I was attracted by the elegance of a European summer: linen suits, light dresses and sunsets . The impression you can get on a journey of being practically cut off from reality, as if you were in another era. It is quite romantic “.

Europe is another key point of the collection, because it is by imagining a trip to a European city or a cruise that Victoria has thought about the fabrics to choose: linen , first of all because her image already equates to feeling in summer, silk , dresses and jackets cool to the touch, to be worn in a sophisticated casual that remains the stylistic signature of the brand, this time at the service of a concept of romantic escape .

The wardrobe for next spring / summer: the must-haves ready to wear

From the lookbook of Victoria Beckham’s spring 2022 collection it is clear that even in summer the desire is to have fun, travel the world and travel with the mind and heart, the desire is to be accompanied by clothes that can be elegant and comfortable at the same time : then lingerie-style dresses appear on the horizon – a happy return – sensual and to be worn as the first thing that happens, which have the same lightness of a men’s linen shirt.

And again, inspiration stolen with originality from his wardrobe, the long oversized jackets with soft stripes and to be worn unbuttoned, or the flared blazers to be combined with long jersey trousers and flared pants , in that right mix between sophisticated and listless: for the next summer know that in your suitcase you can dare to bring fewer clothes and steal some from him every now and then, to give your look that macho style that is so sexy!

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