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In 2019 the vegan diet becomes mainstream!

In 2019 the vegan diet becomes mainstream!

The vegan diet will be one of the most popular topics in 2019. More and more people will start following it!

The newsweekly The Economist has recently published its annual magazine: The World in 2019. One of the most influential themes of the year is the vegan diet. An increasing number of people will start following this food regime and lifestyle to protect animals and the environment.

The expert John Parker explained that this year veganism will become mainstream. This life and nutrition philosophy will launch an actual revolution.

In 2019, veganism will be the most followed food regime!

Both businesses and governments confirmed that 2019 is the year of veganism. This diet is increasingly popular. It started to spread in the 1950s, when in America it was followed only by 0.4% of people of the study sample. Instead, 3.4% of the population were vegetarian. Currently, more and more people are starting to follow the vegan diet.

In 2019 the vegan diet becomes mainstream!

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At the moment, a quarter of the American population claims to follow veganism, especially young people from 25 and 34 years old. Moreover, the vegan business is also increasing, so much so that Mcdonald’s launched a menu for people following this food regime.

This is not just a food choice, but a real philosophy. People who follow it do not eat meat, fish and all products of animal origin, such as eggs and cheese. Furthermore, they also refuse to wear animal leather clothes.

Nowadays, products that can replace animal proteins, such as soya, seitan and tofu are more and more popular. Consumerism is becoming even more ethical.

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