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Ingrown hair in the groin: causes and remedies to know

groin hair removal

Groin hair is a fairly common problem. Let’s find out what are the causes and how to counter them.

Ingrown hair in the groin can be particularly annoying. For this reason it is useful to better understand their origin and the ways to prevent them from forming, or to eliminate them when prevention alone is no longer sufficient. So let’s see why they originate and how to behave to avoid them.

Incinitated hair in the groin: the causes

Ingrown hairs are hairs that, instead of growing properly, curl up on themselves without piercing the skin and thus growing underneath.

groin hair removal
groin hair removal

When they occur they usually lead to itching and redness and when the problem continues over time they can also give rise to painful protrusions: in this case, a real infection of the ingrown hair, in the groin and beyond, is encountered, which must be resolved in a short time (sometimes even surgically with an incision in the compromised area).

Hair under the skin in the groin can depend on certain factors such as:

– A poorly performed hair removal. We always recommend the one against the grain.
Waxing , especially when it is abrupt and damages the follicle.
– The accumulation of dead skin or too dry skin.

Ingrown hair in the groin: remedies

To avoid the formation of incinitated hairs in the groin area it is therefore important to pay attention to the way you shave, exfoliate the skin well in order to avoid the formation of dead cells not eliminated in the area and use moisturizers and emollients immediately. after hair removal.

But what to do when the ingrown hair has already shown up? Generally a good exfoliation of the area should be enough to remove the very first layer of skin, which allows the hair to come out more easily. For a good result you can therefore opt for a white sugar-based scrub to be passed carefully on the affected area.

Another valid option is to pass a horsehair glove, in this case, however, it is necessary to pay attention to the skin which, if very sensitive, could further redden.

Finally, it is possible to try to help yourself with tweezers especially if after having done the scrub you can see the hair. However, this is a more delicate method, to be avoided if you have no experience in this regard.

In any case, good prevention is always the best way to avoid its formation and to solve the problem before it becomes extremely annoying .

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