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Intestinal stenosis: what it is, why it occurs and what are the symptoms

abdominal pain

Intestinal stricture is an important problem to which it is good to pay due attention. It is in fact a narrowing of the intestine that can lead to serious complications.

When we talk about intestinal stenosis we mean a narrowing of the intestine whose walls thicken reducing the intestinal lumen and causing problems in the passage of stool. It is a condition that can lead to an intestinal plug or a real blockage, which is why it is very important to learn to recognize the symptoms .

Intestinal obstruction: the most important symptoms to recognize in time

As already mentioned, an intestinal stricture can lead to an obstruction which can be partial or total. In the first case the most important symptoms and to which it is better to pay attention are:

abdominal pain
abdominal pain

– Temperature
– Abdominal pain

They are obviously associated with both constipation and intestinal obstructions which when they become important require immediate medical attention and in some cases surgery.

With regard to intestinal blockage, the causes can be different. The most serious are obviously those of a physiological type which are represented precisely by adhesions, diverticula and other problems that cause stenosis and excessively inflame the intestine .

Colon stenosis: what it is and what causes it

Colon stenosis particularly affects the last section of the intestine. Among the causes, which are so many, one of the most common is that characterized by diverticula. Small beningic herniations that form in the mucous membrane of the intestine. A problem that usually occurs after the age of 60 and which can be favored by an incorrect diet.

Often asymptomatic, when it becomes more severe, colonic stricture can lead to high fever and acute pain due to inflammation of the intestine. In these cases, antibiotics are used, an immediate change of diet and, in more serious cases, through surgery.

When you have problems with evacuation, it is always good to ask the attending physician for an opinion and perform the necessary tests to trace the cause. In this way you can in fact opt ​​for the most suitable treatment, avoiding sudden worsening and which once established risk being able to be solved only with surgery .

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