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Intestinal virus: what it is, what are the symptoms and how to treat it

woman with stomach ache

The gut virus is inflammation of the stomach and intestines that can be caused by various viruses. Let’s find out how to recognize it, how contagious it is and how to treat it.

When we talk about intestinal virus we mean a set of symptoms that concern the gastrointestinal system. Also known as the stomach flu, it can affect anyone. If recognized early, however, it can be treated quickly with the right drugs . So let’s try to understand more.

Intestinal virus: the symptoms that it is important to learn to recognize

The gastrointestinal virus can be casuated by several viruses among which the best known are rotavirus, enteric adenovirus, astrovirus, norovirus and Norwalk virus.

woman with stomach ache
woman with stomach ache

The intestinal virus has a very high contagion and is mostly transmitted by the fecal-oral route. For this reason it is very important to learn to grasp the symptoms which are:

– Nausea
– He retched
– Fever and diarrhea
– Bellyache
– Muscle and joint pains
– Weight loss
– Poor appetite
– Chills of cold
– Sweating

In order to be diagnosed it is important to go to the doctor right from the first suspicions . A stool check can usually be added to a general check, which is useful for identifying the virus that caused the problem.

Intestinal virus: the remedies that work to cure it quickly

When you have a virus, with or without vomiting, it’s important to hydrate first. Based on the severity of the situation and the possible presence of bacterial infections, the doctor will then determine if an antibiotic treatment is necessary or if it will be enough to take lactic ferments. In any case, it will then be important to follow an adequate diet .

In doing so, the intestinal virus lasts for about two to three days. Only in really serious cases or in particularly fragile subjects can it be longer and require hospitalization. Having said that, it may be useful to remember that to prevent this annoying disease it is good to always wash your hands thoroughly, make sure you eat foods that comply with common hygiene rules and always sanitize the surfaces where food is processed. Drinking bottled water is also a good way to prevent stomach flu, especially when traveling.

To this you can also add particular attention to your microbiota (which can be done by taking any lactic ferments recommended by the doctor) and keeping your immune system high.

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