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Iron deficiency? Here’s what it depends on and how to remedy it

anemic woman

Iron deficiency is a problem that should always be addressed with the right attention. Let’s find out what it depends on and how to solve it.

Iron deficiency is a fairly common problem that can occur at any time in life. When this happens, the symptoms are different and increase until they are remedied . Low iron is in fact a problem for our body, which needs it to perform various functions and which alone is unable to obtain it. It is normally taken through food, consuming foods rich in iron and capable of supporting the body .

Iron deficiency: the symptoms that it is important to learn to recognize

As already mentioned, the lack of iron tends to manifest itself through a whole series of symptoms that it is good to know. Among these, the most important are:

anemic woman
anemic woman

– Excessive and persistent fatigue
– Hair loss
– Dry skin
– Burning tongue
– Cracked corners of the mouth
– Ease of getting infections
– Difficulty swallowing

Unfortunately, iron deficiency has important consequences that cannot be overlooked. Among these is iron anemia which presents with headache, exaggerated fatigue, irritability, altered thermoregulation, tachycardia, buzzing ears, and continuous paleness.

In iron deficiency, the causes are almost always food-related , which is why we can initially help with a healthy diet rich in the right foods that will be chosen with particular attention.

Iron deficiency in the blood: the remedies to raise it and get back to being well

From a food point of view, the foods that help the most are nuts, dried fruit in general, meat and legumes, eggs (yolk), soy and wheat bran. To them, when the values ​​are worryingly low, the doctor could also associate the use of supplements . These, however, should never be taken without a prescription because they are often very heavy for the body.

In case of symptoms that suggest an iron deficiency, the most useful thing to do is therefore to have blood tests and, in the case of low values, ask your doctor for directions to follow.

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