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Irritable colon: what it is and what are the symptoms to recognize

belly pain

Irritable colon is an extremely delicate and annoying disease of the intestine. Let’s find out the causes together.

Irritable bowel is a problem that is often difficult to recognize from the first symptoms . However, it is one of the most well-known pathologies of recent years. In fact, this term defines an irritable bowel that generally involves abdominal pain and problems in going to the body. Irritable bowel syndrome has different causes and it is always worth knowing in order to understand in advance if you can actually be at risk.

Causes of irritable bowel

In the presence of an irritated colon, the underlying causes can be different. Among these the best known are:

belly pain
belly pain

– Gastrointestinal infection
– Intestinal permeability
– Alteration of the microbiome
– Irritation of the intestinal mucosa
– Excessive stress

An inflamed colon, therefore, can depend on several factors, often very different from each other. This is why specific tests such as colonoscopy are needed to be sure. Essential test to have a precise diagnosis .

Irritable colon: the symptoms to recognize

The irritable bowel has symptoms of various types which, a bit like the causes, also differ greatly from each other. Generally the most frequent are:

– Diffuse abdominal pain
– Constipation
– Alternating diarrhea and constipation
– He retched
– Nausea
– Difficult digestion
– Urinary changes
– Difficulty in libido

More generally, it can be said that to have the suspicion of irritable bowel, one must suffer from abdominal pain at least once a week for about three consecutive months. This is also associated with a change in the way you defecate and in the consistency of the stool itself.

Finally, it is important to remember that other problems such as fibromyalgia, back pain, headache and chronic fatigue syndrome are often associated with inflammation of the colon. All reasons why it is essential to consult your doctor when you suspect that you suffer from this pathology.

Once a diagnosis has been obtained, it will be up to the doctor to decide the plan of action which may consist in changing the lifestyle and the type of diet or in prescribing some drugs aimed at alleviating the symptoms.

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