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Is canned meat dangerous? Nutritional values and characteristics

Is canned meat dangerous? Nutritional values and characteristics

A lot of people keep it in their pantry in case of emergency, but is it dangerous? Find out what canned meat actually contains.

How many of you keep canned meat at home, in case there is nothing to eat? It has happened to everyone to have no idea about a meal, thus choosing this product.

However, canned meat is not one of the healthiest products we eat. This is why it is better to avoid it: here some advice to stay away from its risks.

Canned meat, is it unhealthy?

Often, this is not a high quality product. Moroever, we need to think about food additives: preservatives, flavourings, thickeners and glutamate. Scientist do not agree about the latter’s risks. However, it is better to limit it.

Food additives are chemicals added to industrial foods to achieve different goals. In the case of canned meat, they make it tastier and make it last longer. Hovewer, some additives may be dangerous, especially if taken in large quantities.

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Canned meat, nutritional values

How many calories does canned meat contain? On average, 100 grams have about 250Kcal. Speaking about its nutritional values, this food mostly contains proteins and fats. Pay attention to its sodium content: this substance can cause hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

As we mentioned before, this product quality is not always high. Most brands can beef, but inside you can even find other types of meat, very often the fattest ones. Moreover, it should not contain tendons nor gristles, but often it is not the case. In fact, often you can find fresh meat waste, for example nerves and pieces of fat inside.

How to eat canned meat

How can we safely eat canned meat? First of alla, it is always better to eat the fresh product. If it is not possible, you should always choose products whose labels clearly state the type and percentage of meat contained, other than its origin.

Moreover, meat must always been cooked. Pay attention, the label has to say it. Finally, try and eliminate as much as you can the gelatin in the can. Most part of the additives concentrate in it, so the best thing to do is to avoid it.

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