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Is it good or bad? The (real) effects of coffee and caffeine


Why is it sometimes good and sometimes it becomes a danger to the body? Here’s everything there is to know about caffeine and its effects.

Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning or on a lunch break with colleagues or friends is a ritual for all of us. However, don’t overdo your caffeine consumption because it can cause unpleasant effects in the long run. Of course, there are no worrying or irreversible consequences, but they can cause many discomforts such as intestinal disorders or even anxiety and tachycardia.

Caffeine, however, also has its positive sides: it manages to give immediate energy and give the right energy to face the first hours of the day. To be able to benefit from its effects it is advisable to dose it during the day and, sometimes, even replace it.

Such as? Here is everything you need to know to live well and take care of your body without giving up the pleasure of a cup of coffee .


The benefits of coffee

There are people who cannot wake up without coffee in the morning. Sometimes it is a psychological question, sometimes a habit. A little caffeine is enough to reactivate the mind and be operational.

In fact, caffeine has extraordinary effects on the ability to concentrate . It takes very little to be able to quickly study many pages or to be productive at work.

Caffeine: negative effects

Unfortunately, caffeine gives the illusion of being full of energy and vital. In reality it is a momentary effect that disappears after about a couple of hours. The result is that you feel more tired than before and with less energy.

The risk is that many believe that coffee is enough to “get by” at work or studying. In reality, if you don’t eat well and on a regular basis, your body weakens as well as your mind gets tired.

Coffee can cause damage to the intestines and circulation. Such as? If you drink too much coffee or even worse on an empty stomach, your intestines get irritated and tired. Consequently, diarrhea, heartburn, gastritis, reflux and weight gain follow. Excessive consumption, on the other hand, increases the heart rate causing anxiety, tachycardia or panic attacks .

A useful tip? Try replacing coffee with other natural products like barley or ginseng from time to time.

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