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Is it good to have hot showers in winter?


Is it good to have hot, long shower in winter or not? This is not a bad habit, but in the long run there can be some problems!

According to dermatologists, this is not a bad habit. However, in the long run, having very hot and long showers may cause damage. In particular, the long exposure to the warm water may damage the skin, making it dry and even damaging the skin barrier.

In winter, when the temperatures outside are very low and you are going back homeafter a stressful day at work, jumping in the shower is the most pleasing thing to do. However, you have to be careful, because this habit could cause problems. Let’s find out together why.

Are hot showers bad?

Relaxing under hot water is very pleasant, especially if our day at work was very challenging. It is also very nice to enjoy it when the temperatures outside are very cold and we suffered the cold while going back home.


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Is hot water good for our skin? According to dermatologists, you should not completely avoid it. Doctors say you can make hot shower, but you should not stay under the water for too long every day.

The risk is to damage your skin, making it dry and dehydrated. Furthermore, you could damage the skin barrier, thus contracting dermatitis. The experts also advise to shower for maximum 10 or 15 minutes, using lukewarm water.

Finally, in order to protect your skin during the colder seasons, you can use a moisturizing cream as soon as you finish your shower, applying it on the still damp skin. Instead, if you have a very dry skin, you can opt for almond oil, great for hydration and prevention of stretch marks.

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