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Is it possible to treat yourself with cannabidiol oil? When, how and why

Cannabis light and CBD

Is it possible to treat yourself with cannabidiol oil and, if so, for which pathologies or ailments is it best suited?

Is it possible to treat yourself with cannabidiol oil and, if so, for which pathologies or ailments is it best suited? The recent popularity of derivatives from Cannabis Sativa , better known as Cannabis light or legal Cannabis , is strictly connected to the beneficial properties for the bodyand not only, also for the mind – now widely recognized in these active ingredients. CBD, in particular, is associated with a calming and relaxing effect but, also, pain reliever and anti-inflammatory for example.

Does this mean that you can easily replace CBD – in oil, in crystals and so on – for the specific therapies (pharmacological, etc.) provided for the different pathologies? Obviously, as always when it comes to natural remedies or supplements, caution is needed and opting only for treatments with cbd oil should be a choice agreed with your doctor or with the specialist where you are being treated. Dosage, frequency of intake but also the right concentration of CBD oil vary a lot, in fact, depending on the reason for taking cannabidiol.

Everything you need to know about the therapeutic use of CBD

Cannabis light and CBD
Cannabis light and CBD

Everything you need to know about the therapeutic use of CBD: how to treat yourself with cannabidiol oil

Having made these necessary premises, and once it has also been stressed that this cannabinoid has no particular side effects except in the case of allergy or hypersensitivity to the active ingredients and can therefore be used (almost) always as an extra ally against various ailments, here is a list of ailments and pathologies that can be treated with cannabidiol oil.

  • The anxiety spectrum disorders: as already mentioned at the beginning, like many other cannabinoids, CBD has a calming effect which, many studies have confirmed, can be particularly effective in treating anxiety , even in acute forms such as those of attacks of panic .
  • Mood disorders: by interacting with the human endocannabinoid system, cannabidiol plays a regulating effect on mood ; for this reason it has been used experimentally to treat episodes or chronic forms of depression , but it can also be a valid help in everyday life.
  • Sleep disorders: for the same reason as just mentioned, taking CBD oil or CBD crystals can help in case you suffer from insomnia or, more generally, improve the quality of sleep and the sense of rest upon awakening.
  • Inflammations and pathologies affecting the digestive system: combining a painrelieving, anti-inflammatory and antiemetic effect , cannabidiol can be used against digestive disorders of the most common but also against chronic forms of colitis for example.
  • Pain of various kinds: the pain-relieving properties of cannabidiol have already been abundantly mentioned and it is precisely these that make it an excellent solution for relieving aches of various kinds; it can be used, for example, for topical use in treating muscle pain in athletes, but some studies reveal its effectiveness also in the context of pain therapy .
  • Skin diseases and dermatological disorders: the most recent studies attribute to it powerful antioxidant effects , for this reason one can think of treating oneself with cannabidiol oil even acne or psoriasis for example, even in severe or chronic forms, and CBD is increasingly often used in cosmetics as an active ingredient in creams, lotions and even anti-aging treatments.

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