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Is propolis in pregnancy good or bad? Here’s what you need to know


The use of propolis in pregnancy is very common due to its natural nature. Let’s find out if and how much it really does well and what are the possible contraindications.

The possibility of using propolis in pregnancy to relieve flu symptoms is one of the most chosen by pregnant women. It is in fact a natural remedy which, as such, is less scary. Especially in relation to the health of the child. Nevertheless, there are some contraindications that you need to know in order to use it correctly and to choose with awareness if and how much to take.

So let’s find out how to act when you are pregnant and what information is useful to have before deciding whether to use it.

Propolis during pregnancy: what is good to know

Studies concerning propolis and its use are still too few to be able to give an exhaustive answer to the question about propolis in pregnancy that is bad for the baby .


Generally speaking, many doctors are of the opinion that if the mother is not allergic, she can use it in small quantities and only using non-spray and alcohol-free propolis. However, propolis has such an absorption capacity that it could cross the placenta. This can happen especially in the first three months of pregnancy . For this reason, from July 2022, the Ministry of Health has decided to insert the words “Do not take during pregnancy” on propolis packages.

In this regard, therefore, the use is to be considered contraindicated, unless the attending physician and the gynecologist, who knowing the patient’s situation, will be able to give targeted advice.

Propolis in pregnancy: the most important contraindications

Including the reason for the great doubt about the use of propolis when pregnant , it is important to take stock of the situation on another aspect as well. In fact, propolis has some contraindications that should not be underestimated.

Especially in the first months of pregnancy it can lead to contractions that in subjects more at risk can make it easier for a miscarriage to occur. Furthermore, according to some studies , the alkaloids present in propolis could be harmful to the embryo.

All reasons why DIY is definitely not recommended. In case of colds or similar problems it is therefore better to ask your doctor for advice.

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