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Is the coronavirus spread through food or packaging?

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What is the risk of contagion from Covid-19 through food and food packaging? This is explained by a report drawn up by the ICMSF.

Food consumption and contact with packaging is not a relevant transmission source for Covid-19. This is what emerged from the report drawn up in September by the ICMSF . The International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods (ICMSF) has the task of verifying the microbiological safety of food.

In particular, this body collaborates with the International Union of Microbiological Societies, through which it is also linked to the World Health Organization . The ICMSF is responsible for drawing up and disseminating the guidelines necessary to reduce the spread of diseases that can be transmitted through food. The analysis drawn up by the organization sheds light on the relationship between food security and the spread of Covid-19, let’s see what it is.

Is Covid-19 transmitted through food?

In the report drawn up by the ICMSF, the transmission methods of Covid-19 are highlighted. In light of the scientific evidence, so far established, the main mode of transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is airborne transmission through droplets and aerosols.

Food foods
Food foods

In addition to this modality, there is also the possibility that the virus can spread through cross-contamination, i.e. through surfaces . However, it has been repeatedly highlighted that, although the virus has some resistance on surfaces , the chances of transmission in this case are very limited.

What happens, however, through the consumption of food? As underlined by the ICMSF, the transmission of Covid-19 is different compared to other viruses capable of attacking the body using the gastrointestinal tract as an entry route (such as the hepatitis A virus).

Covid, safe food and food packaging: the FDA confirms it

According to what is contained in the ICMSF report, even the FDA , the US organization that regulates drugs and foods, has repeatedly stressed that there is no evidence of transmission through food.

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The large and small food distribution , as well as the administration of food and drinks, has continued regularly in recent months. Nonetheless, as the ICMSF points out, up to now, there has been no evidence to suggest possible associations between the spread of the virus and the consumption of food.

In any case, the usual hygiene practices are recommended to continue to ensure the safety of the packaging and of the food itself. The same safety standards to be maintained in all workplaces, in fact, must be maintained even more so in the food production, manufacturing and distribution plants.

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