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It is not a cake nor a mousse: it is the recipe for the chocolate mousse cake!

Chocolate mousse cake with starch

Let’s discover the recipe for the chocolate mousse cake with starch: a sweet to make you shiver for how good and fast it is!

Chocolate, a sin of gluttony for many (we dare to say for almost everyone). We could not agree more and there is never a lack of opportunity to try new, fast and above all chocolaty recipes. An example of this is the chocolate mousse cake with starch that is very popular on TikTok : a dessert that you will really take 5 minutes to make but that will be as good as you never thought.

Since we really liked it a lot, we decided to double the doses (and even in this case, one forkful after another will be snapped up). The other strong point, in addition to the speed in making it, is that very few ingredients and 0 g of flour will be needed . Are you ready to dive into this dessert that is neither cake nor mousse?… Let’s go!

Chocolate mousse cake with starch
Chocolate mousse cake with starch

Preparation of the recipe of the chocolate mousse cake with starch

  1. First of all, pour the egg yolks into a bowl, add the sugar and whisk everything with an electric whisk until the mixture is light and fluffy.
  2. Then add the liquid fresh cream and the chocolate reduced to flakes or small cubes to the mixture.
  3. Take the bowl, dip it halfway into a pot with boiling water and melt everything in a bain-marie, making sure that the chocolate mixes well with the rest.
  4. Finally we pour the liquid cornstarch or corn starch and give a final blended until it has dissolved completely and will have already begun to harden the cream.
  5. Let everything cool and then pour the mixture into a bowl or pan of about 24 cm in diameter or of the shape you prefer.
  6. Refrigerate for at least two hours.
  7. After the time has passed, your mousse cake should be firm enough. Add some cocoa powder to the top and serve.

You will fall in love with it at the first bite … seeing is believing! And if this dessert makes you want something more classic but always with chocolate as a protagonist, it’s the right time to try the recipe for a simple chocolate mousse .


This recipe can be kept for 1-2 days in the refrigerator, well covered with cling film. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer.

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