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It takes guts (and more) to prepare the cazzomarro… directly from Cracco’s Dinner Club


The cazzomarro is an ancient recipe that resembles that of a meatloaf in appearance. However, it is prepared with lamb and sheep offal.

The cazzomarro is a typical dish of Apulian cuisine which, however, is also reflected in some areas of Basilicata. Our reference to the liver does not in any way want to denigrate the goodness of the recipe as much as introduce one of the ingredients that compose it. Also known as marro or cazzmarr , it is a sort of roll of sheep or lamb entrails wrapped in a net and closed with the guts. To hear about it like this it seems it takes an iron stomach to try it, yet with its goodness it has also become the protagonist of several cooking programs.

The cazzomarro arrives on television thanks to Chef Rubio who, after trying it, remains ecstatic to say the least. Years passed and it was the turn of Dinner Club , the Amazon Prime program. Here are the expert hands of Antonio Lombardo to show us the preparation of the recipe.


How to prepare the casserole recipe

Preparing this dish is not very difficult and the quantities of the ingredients can also be easily adapted. There are three important steps: cleaning the entrails, adding flavorings and finally cooking. But let’s go in order.

  1. To clean the sheep entrails, start by rinsing them under running water and then washing them with water and lemon. Further cleaning could be with water and salt.
  2. Then rinse them again under running water for a few minutes.
  3. Sbolllentate the netting lamb for a minute, cool it and fill it with the offal cut into strips and seasoned with garlic and chopped parsley and pecorino.
  4. Close well just as if it were a meatloaf and pass all around the guts in order to close the marro.
  5. Cook it on the grill (the ideal would be to be able to put it on a spit) or in the oven at 180 ° C for 45 minutes .
  6. Serve hot with a side dish to taste.

Why is the cazzomarro so called?

The name does not bode well and the association of terms takes place almost automatically. However, the term cazzomarro is not attributable, at least according to scholars, to anything inconvenient. In fact, it seems to derive from the dialectal term cazzare , that is to crush. The entrails were in fact crushed well to be used inside this large roll.

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