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Italian Academy of Massage, registrations open


In Italy attention is still growing towards one ‘s own wellbeing , with an increasing number of people turning to massage centers to improve muscle strength and reduce stress.

In Italy attention is still growing towards one ‘s own wellbeing , with an increasing number of people turning to massage centers to improve muscle strength and reduce stress.

This sector requires a large number of experts and offers great job opportunities and excellent career opportunities to those who decide to pursue a career in this field.

By popular demand, registrations for specialized courses for masseurs of the Italian massage academy have been reopened, an important point of reference for those who want to work in this field.

The high-level training company provides a staff of first-rate teachers , with nationally renowned professionals expert in various fields such as massage physiotherapy, osteopathy, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sports massages, athletic training and chiropractic. The courses have different dates to meet the high demand, with availability at various locations, such as the centers of Rome, Milan, Turin, Bologna and Naples.

How AIM’s professional massage courses work

To work in the wellness sector it is necessary to invest in professional training, however it is necessary to turn only to the best schools to obtain an adequate level of skills and access important positions. In this sector, AIM undoubtedly represents excellence, as demonstrated by the more than 1,500 students trained per year who become highly specialized masseurs.

In particular, it is a certified Spa & Beauty Passport operator , as recognized by the International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology (CIDESCO) and proven by the release at the end of the course of a special International Diploma .

The training proposal boasts an excellent quality-price ratio, to involve the greatest number of people and give everyone the opportunity to follow the contents offered, to become qualified professionals in Italy and abroad .

The AIM proposal includes recognized courses for first and second level massages, sports massage , decontracting, infantile, lymphatic drainage and foot reflexology courses, to embrace all the various applications of this profession. For example, the first level massage course includes 24 hours of advanced training, with a path based on theoretical and practical notions to learn various techniques, from the basic ones to the decontracting and lymphatic drainage methods.

What professional outlets ensure massage courses

Attending a quality massage course allows you to enter the market more easily , finding a stable and well-paid job position. These specialists, in fact, are highly sought after and well paid, as it is a sector linked to wellness, and being a service associated with psychophysical well-being. Undoubtedly, it is an important advantage for those who want to improve their position , working at renowned structures in Italy or abroad.

For example, the diploma of masseur allows you to propose yourself to various types of companies such as hotels, wellness centers, sports clubs, beauty centers, gyms, resorts and tourist villages, it is also possible to create professional collaborations with medical offices or work as a freelance independently . The potential of the profession is truly remarkable, which is why more and more people are choosing to invest in training to enter this growing sector.

Obviously, it is essential to choose the right school , so that the skills learned are really useful for starting a successful career in this area. The courses for masseurs of the Italian Massage Academy are certified and recognized in 195 countries around the world: a unique opportunity for those who want to work in Italy or for people who want to pursue a career abroad, facing new professional challenges that can allow them to achieve their personal goals.

Obviously, to become an established professional, the course is only a starting point, as you must continue to stay up to date , practice at renowned companies and devote yourself with passion to carrying out your work.

Not to be underestimated is the development of a network of contacts with other professionals and companies in the sector, as well as the opportunity to specialize in particular contexts to increase requests and reduce competitiveness, while obtaining higher economic results.

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